Banishing the Light of Existence

by Lysis

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Recorded in the Winter of 2016 by Paul Acton of Neutrality Studios

*Greeting Immortality originally by Eucharist on A Velvet Creation (1993)


released September 21, 2016

Mark Kirkendall- Guitar
James Papson- Drums
Garrett Smith- Guitar/Bass/Vocals



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Lysis California

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Track Name: Incantation of Postmortem Frustrations
We will move on
Our bodies remain
Free from the pain
Free from the wrath of this world

Angry in life,
We seek bliss in death
Doomed from the start

Burn the sacred oil
Light the ritual candle
Speak in ancient tongues
Close my eyes and slip away
Track Name: Carvings on My Tomb
Damp cold and dark
Lowered down by my misery
Crippled by this hell
Dreams of sunlight my only serenity

Silence numbs my body
I cry out
Desperate screams echo off the walls of this tomb

My scathed hands carve
These anguished cries
A sense of tranquility
Impossible in this hallowed state

I've taken my path to salvation
Covered in hatred and pain
I have withered away
I had no chance to survive

Drenched in the blood of my past life
I try and lift the coffin lid
The veins of my suffering tie it down
With my final breath I pass
Track Name: Livid Divinity
Repugnant foulness rises from below
On a cloud I sit and weep
Why have these wings, if I cannot fly?
Why can't I cease to be?

I reject my heavenly existence
A scourge among the tranquil
I burn the sacred kingdom
and ride the smoke down

Where can I go
When I cannot die
condemned to be immortal
Lucifer's gates are open to me
The fire dries my tears

The winds of hell cannot burn my halo
My wings still at my back
The crust of the earth is not
Deep enough to bury the sorrow I feel

Trapped in this wasteland of white
My soul is cold and I wish to burn
I vow a return to destroy all life on Earth
And the paradise that is waiting for you when you die
Track Name: Banishing the Light of Existence
I am
In the Heat of the sun
Fickle tree
I am nothing
And I will never be

Possess my body
I know I’m alone
Death is my one true friend now,
Grant me peace and a throne

I banish the light of existence
The cold ground caresses me
The fire of this hate has burned
Anything I’ve ever felt

Now I see
The loneliness of existence
Revealed before me
On to the next realm
I pass away leaving only an empty shell
I could have lived one thousand times
And never felt
A single thing for those around me

When will you seem to understand
Life is meaningless
Every candle is lit to be put out
Now I’ve melted away